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Burbank Divorce Attorney

Family Lawyer – Helping Clients with Divorce

Families facing the difficult decision of filing for divorce should strongly consider contacting a divorce attorney to assist them through the process. While many attempt to file on their own, the paperwork can be confusing and lead to costly delays and errors. With the help of Fusco & Clarke, you receive 40 years of combined experience with caring legal counsel who has helped numerous clients through each step of the divorce procedure.

We are committed to providing our clients with a trustworthy and knowledgeable legal representative who cares about the outcome of their family law case. Our firm will consult with you to determine what your goals are for the divorce and work towards achieving them as quickly and painlessly as possible. There are numerous issues to discuss when filing for divorce, or when there is some other family matter to consider, including same sex marriages, contested divorce, uncontested divorce, high net worth divorce, collaborative divorce, mediation, legal separation, child custody, child custody modifications, child support, child support modifications, spousal support / alimony, spousal support modifications, palimony, property division, asset division, debt division, relocation, enforcement of court orders, enforcement of settlement agreements, father's rights, and domestic violence.

Are you considering filing for divorce?

If you are currently considering entering into a divorce or if you have already been served with papers, you it is highly likely that you are dealing with considerable emotional stress. Although a legal process, the dissolving of a marriage is never an easy or methodical process. There is almost no area of your life that will go unaffected – you will be dealing with one of the most painful and stressful processes that you will ever be forced to face.

For this reason, it is vastly important that the lawyer that you work with is not only experienced and knowledgeable, but is also compassionate and prepared to treat your case with delicate professionalism. Especially if children are involved, you need to be confident that you have an attorney on your side who will be able to help protect the best interests of both you and your entire family.

At our firm, we are intimately aware of how difficult this is for both you and your family and we are prepared to do everything that we possibly can to help you move through the process as swiftly and effectively as possible. With so much that you are already dealing with, this is not the time to have to worry about an inexperienced or apathetic attorney. You need to be confident that you have an advocate on your side who will work tirelessly to help guide you through each and every step. Should you choose to be represented by our legal team, you will be able to rest easier knowing that your divorce is in capable and trustworthy hands.

Facing Divorce with Compassion

As one of the most stressful situation you are likely to encounter in your life, having a reliable and compassionate legal team working with you can make all the difference. We strive to bring our clients peace of mind during this often emotionally charged time. We encourage spouses to work together as much as possible in settling marriage dissolution, especially when children are involved. We understand, however, that this is not always possible and can aggressively protect your interests when necessary. No matter the situation that you are facing, we will do everything possible to help you in the most beneficial way possible.

Working towards an outcome that will benefit you and your family in the long run is essential. Your children need the love and support of both parents, and most family law courts have that as their top priority. In all matters involving your child's best interests, we will pursue the most optimum outcome on your behalf. If you are a victim of domestic violence, we will steadfastly protect your rights and ensure you and your family are provided all legal means to avoid any further harm. For a confidential initial consultation, call us today.

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