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Burbank Divorce Attorney

Are you considering divorce?

In most cases, divorce is an unpleasant experience, capable of exacting a large mental and emotional toll on all involved.  In addition to the personal ramifications of a divorce, there is a host of legal family law ramifications that must also be accounted for.  Some of these legal factors include: same sex marriages, contested divorce, uncontested divorce, high net worth divorce, collaborative divorce, mediation, legal separation, child custody, child custody modifications, child support, child support modifications, spousal support / alimony, spousal support modifications, palimony, property division, asset division, debt division, relocation, enforcement of court orders, enforcement of settlement agreements, father's rights, and domestic violence.

Failure to properly address these issues can result in hardship for one or both spouses, and the children, that can last for years into the future.  If you are considering divorce, it is recommended that you have a Burbank divorce attorney guide you step-by-step through the process.  In addition to helping you avoid potentially costly mistakes or errors in the filing process, an attorney will also be able to negotiate terms on your behalf that are favorable to you and your family.

Divorce Help in Burbank

Fusco & Clarke is a law firm with decades of combined experience in practicing law.  We have represented clients in all manner of family law cases, including many that involved divorce.  The approach we take with our clients is a collaborative one, as we seek to help them achieve their desired goals in their divorce cases.  We will always attempt to help each client come to an amicable resolution between them and their spouse, but we are also capable of entering into litigation on our client's behalf if necessary.  Contact our offices if you are considering filing for divorce, and we will discuss your specific situation with you in an effort to determine the best way to proceed in your case.

Are you in need of legal help in some aspect of your divorce case?  If so, contact a Burbank divorce lawyer to obtain immediate assistance.