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Child Custody Modifications

Changing Child Custody Schedules

Court orders regarding the legal agreements made by a divorced couple may need to be modified when circumstances that affect one or both parents arise in life.  While such circumstances must be significant for a judge to even consider changing the original decree, if things do change, especially when they can affect the best interests of any children involved, a judge will review a well-prepared modification petition and decide accordingly.  If you feel the child custody agreements made at the time of your divorce need to be modified you should first speak to a Burbank divorce attorney at Fusco & Clarke.

Making a child custody decision that is truly in the best interest of the child or children is the guiding principal of California divorce law.  Whatever the parent's situation may be, if they want to move for a better job or feel they deserve more frequent visitation, the judge will only change an existing custody agreement if it can be shown that it clearly benefits the child.  Our firm's lawyers have been helping parents understand and reach the best possible child custody arrangements for many years.  We know every family and every situation is unique and personal.  We can offer you our years of experience in successfully helping our many clients resolve their problems in a creative and individual fashion.

Divorce Attorney in Burbank

There are a number of circumstances that could require a change in your child custody agreement including any of the following:

  • A parent with sole physical custody wishes to move to a different city or state and take their children with them.
  • Your schedule or job duties have changed and you wish to spend more time with your children.
  • Your ex-spouse has been arrested for a crime or has recently been released from jail.
  • Your ex-spouse has a new relationship and you have suspicions about their behavior or attitude towards your children.
  • One parent becomes aware the other is involved in substance or alcohol abuse that could endanger the children.

If any of these or other significant change occurs that you feel warrants a modification in your existing child custody agreement you should visit our offices and consult with one of our attorneys.

Contact a Burbank divorce lawyer for legal advice and skillful representation in seeking child custody modifications.