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Collaborative Divorce

Working Together on Your Divorce

Collaborative divorce is an alternative method of reaching a divorce settlement.  It is based on the mutual agreement of both parties along with their attorneys to meet, discuss and work out their divorce agreements outside of a courtroom and without the time, expense and emotional trauma that usually results from adversarial litigation.  To find out more about how a collaborative divorce is done you should speak to a Burbank divorce lawyer at Fusco & Clarke. 

The attorneys at our firm have over 40 years of combined experience in family law and divorce.  We are trained as collaborative divorce lawyers.  To undergo collaborative divorce both parties and their personal legal representatives must agree that they will do everything in their power to work towards a mutually agreed divorce settlement without litigation.  If this process is unsuccessful, the settlement process must be started anew and new attorneys must represent both parties.  It is in everyone's best interest to reach a successful settlement.  Additional experts may be brought in to advise on such matters as financial planning and other vital matters such as child support and custody.

Divorce Lawyer in Burbank

Collaborative divorce is essentially a four way negotiation with both parties and their attorneys openly discussing each issue to be settled.  As in any divorce, the areas that must be addressed and resolved include:

To begin the process each party must agree that they will provide all relevant financial information including income, assets and debts.  They must agree that they will treat each other with respect and maintain an open and respectful attitude throughout the negotiations.  The purpose of each meeting between the divorcing couple, their lawyers and any other professionals called upon for their advice is to address each issue and work out an agreement that is mutually agreeable and beneficial to all parties including any children.  Because solutions are being sought without litigation the costs are ordinarily much lower and with no blame, accusations or name-calling allowed during the proceedings, the end result can preserve a much better state of mind for every family member involved.  Call our offices to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced lawyers.

Contact a Burbank divorce attorney to find out more about how collaborative divorce could help you.