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Enforcement of Settlement Agreements

Violation of Settlement Agreements

Following the conclusion of your divorce and the reaching of a settlement agreement, it sometimes happens that the agreement is not actually put into place.  If your ex-spouse is causing delays on this process or acting in direct violation of the divorce decree, you need to take action immediately.  Doing so is a vital step in protecting your rights and future.  This is especially true in light of the fact that individuals can sometimes seek to have settlement agreements officially voided after the fact.  Failing to abide by these court orders is a bad sign and should be addressed promptly and aggressively.

If you are facing this situation, a Burbank divorce lawyer can advise you as to your options and help to determine the best course of legal action.  The court takes these matters very seriously and will be on your side in pursing compliance with the original orders.  This may be in relation to a failure to execute the deeds to transfer marital property or make required financial transactions.  Whatever the case, you can request a hearing with the help of your lawyer and a court will address the matter with your ex-spouse.  This is often enough for all requirements to then be met.

Burbank Divorce Attorney

At Fusco & Clarke, we realize that addressing any factors relating to the end of a marriage can be uncomfortable.  We remain sensitive to that as we guide you through these necessary steps and seek to protect your financial future.  Although we are prepared to take any actions necessary to achieve the required outcome, we can also work with diplomacy and respect for the other party.  If the matter does persist, however, this is a matter of contempt of court and your ex-spouse can be cited for such, which often then resolves the situation.

Contact a Burbank divorce attorney for help pursuing the enforcement of your settlement agreement if your ex-spouse is failing to comply with its terms.