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Legal Separation

What is a legal separation?

Obtaining a legal separation in California is essentially identical to seeking a divorce with the difference that although the parties legally separate they remain "married" in name only.  This is most often done when one or the other party has personal or religious reasons for not wanting a formal divorce proclamation or they wish to retain insurance benefits that are only available while married.  If you have questions or need assistance in pursuing a legal separation you should speak to a Burbank divorce lawyer at Fusco & Clarke. 

Our firm has over 40 years of combined experience in helping people with both divorce and legal separation.  We are prepared to help you file for and complete each of the legal steps necessary to become legally separated.  We will ensure you file at the proper court and prepare the initial documents needed to file for a separation order.  We can help you prepare and submit all the financial statements needed to fulfill your disclosure requirements in order to establish a fair property division and determine any spousal support and/or child support.

Divorce Lawyer in Burbank

If you and your spouse are in agreement about the terms of settlement we will prepare settlement papers that detail all the agreements necessary for the court to reach a judgment.  However you and your spouse plan to reach these agreements, whether between yourselves or through litigation, you must be able to submit a settlement that details your decisions regarding:

If there are any difficulties getting cooperation from your spouse including a failure to respond to the Summons and Legal Separation Petition we can assist you in filing the necessary documents to order financial support such as child support and spousal support to be collected.  Once a judgment has been issued by the court you will be legally separated and no longer bound by any further support or financial commitments except those ordered by the court.  If either party later desires to marry another, they will not be allowed until a formal divorce has legally dissolved the marriage.  Call our offices today to arrange a free consultation.

Contact a Burbank divorce attorney for more information about obtaining a legal separation from your spouse.