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Relocation Attorney in Burbank

Legal Advice Regarding Relocation

When there are children involved, a relocation following a divorce can be difficult to negotiate on an emotional, personal and legal level.  It may be that you are the custodial parent wishing to relocate or the non-custodial parent facing the possibility of the relocation of your ex-spouse and children.  In either case, a Burbank family law lawyer should be consulted as soon as possible.  An attorney can help you to understand your rights and also the restrictions and consequences with which you may have to contend. 

Relocations are complicated by the matter of interstate jurisdiction, which involves a large variety of factors affecting which state has jurisdiction over different facets of the relocation.  These are actually so complex that they have been the source of some debate within the legal system itself.  It is therefore vital that you consult with an exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced attorney in order to be properly prepared for what is ahead.

Consequences of Relocation

At Fusco & Clarke, we will advise you as to the different consequences of your relocation or that of your spouse.  This event can affect matters such as visitation, custody and child support.  Of course, if you are the non-custodial spouse, it most importantly can affect your relationship with your children.  Whatever your position in a relocation case, we will help to pursue the outcome you desire.  The court will always rule with great attention to the best interests of the children, and thus we will demonstrate how your intention aligns with this.  In what can be an emotional matter for those concerned, we can help to keep the priorities at the forefront of the experience. 

Contact a Burbank relocation attorney if you are a custodial parent wishing to relocate or a non-custodial parent faced with the possible relocation of your ex-spouse and children.