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Burbank Spousal Support Attorney

Is there a difference between spousal support and alimony?

The terms "spousal support" and "alimony" are interchangeable and refer to the money ordered to be paid from one spouse to another following a divorce.  This is in addition to any child support payments.  It is for the purpose of assisting the recipient with their financial situation despite their altered circumstances following the dissolution of the marriage.  Spousal support may be paid in one lump sum or in installments.  Installment payments may be temporary or permanent, and in certain circumstances can also be modified at a later date.  These factors, as well as the amount to be paid, are determined by the court as part of the divorce or modification process.

While child support payments are determined per a mathematical calculation provided for by law, spousal support relies much more on the determination of the court in each individual case.  It is therefore vital that you have a competent Burbank divorce lawyer representing you and presenting a convincing case to the court.

Alimony Lawyer in Burbank

At Fusco & Clarke, we understand that divorce is a very difficult experience.  Nobody wants to fight over money or other matters yet it is a necessary part of the process that financial matters be settled.  We are here to help achieve this with as little difficulty as possible.  We will work with you to undertake a thorough review of your situation, both financial and otherwise, in alignment with factors the court will consider in its decision.  These may include:

  • The duration of the marriage and age of both parties
  • The physical and emotional condition of both parties
  • Each partner's non-financial contributions to the marriage
  • The standard of living maintained prior to divorce
  • The financial resources available to each party, including income earning ability

Contact a Burbank spousal support attorney for help addressing the matter of spousal support.