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Spousal Support Modifications

Burbank Divorce Attorney

It is sometimes necessary for spousal support payments to be modified in order that they continue to fulfill their purpose and remain just despite changing circumstances.  When certain factors change significantly for either ex-spouse, they are entitled to apply for the court to have payments amended.  If you are in this position, whether you are the party initiating the action or not, a Burbank divorce attorney can assist you with the process.  Although your divorce decree would ideally contain clauses that automatically adjusted spousal support for cost of living or income increases, this may not always be the case.  Even when this is in place, more significant and unexpected events can occur which demand a review of the court order regarding spousal support.  Some of these include:

  • Cohabitation
  • Physical or mental disability
  • Financial emergency, for example, unforeseen medical bills
  • An increase or (unintentional) decrease in either party's income
  • Decreased need for support, for example, if the recipient remarries
  • New support obligation for the contributing spouse, for example, if he or she remarries and has a child

Retaining Legal Counsel

If you and your ex-spouse have been able to come to an agreement regarding child support between the two of you directly, this is commendable.  Even in this case, however, it is very wise to have this agreement made official by the judge in order to protect yourself from future disagreements or payment issues.  Such an agreement should also first be reviewed by an attorney in order to ensure you are being treated fairly.  At Fusco & Clarke, we can assist with this kind of situation right through to one in which there exists a lot of contention and hostility.  We understand that relations can be strained and will do all we can to keep the process as painless and uncomplicated as possible.

Contact a Burbank divorce lawyer if you changing circumstances require a change in spousal support.